Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice - Sheboygan, WI

About Us

Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate end-of-life care. Our home hospice and palliative care services are provided wherever a patient calls home, whether that be in their own home, at a care facility or at our Inpatient Center. 

Realizing that not everyone can stay in their home, the Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice Inpatient Center opened in 2007 to provide 24-hour skilled nursing care for hospice patients.

Who was Sharon S. Richardson? 

Sharon was a member of the Sheboygan Falls community who believed in living life to the fullest, caring for others, and giving back to the community.  Providing a compassionate, dignified and quality hospice program for those in her community and beyond was the vision she shared with her husband, Joe.  Sharon passed away in 2004, but her legacy and vision carries on for all.

Sharon S. Richardson


It all began with a promise.

My Promise by Joe Richardson II

In 2004, Sharon, my first wife of nearly 53 years, died of cancer. For the final seven years of her life, Dr. H. Marshall Matthews was her oncologist. He would see her every other week and I would make it a point to also be present. During one of these sessions, Dr. Matthews mentioned the need for a Hospice Center in our county and how he had been trying to make this happen.

Sharon and I looked at each other, and without speaking we knew that this was the kind of project we had been looking for. When we left Dr. Matthews' office, Sharon expressed our unspoken thoughts. We would help plan and build a hospice home in Sheboygan County.

Sharon's condition worsened in 2004 and she agreed to enter a Home Hospice Program. We were both impressed with the love and the care rendered by the wonderful caregivers providing these services. Our ambitions to help build a Hospice Home were strengthened when we realized that many terminal patients couldn't die at home as Sharon was able to do. The only alternatives were a hospital or a nursing home at that point.

A few days before Sharon's death, we were visited by Dr. Matthews and Mary Mueller, RN, NP. They shared with us some of the preliminary plans for a Hospice Facility. Sharon and I both resolved to help with this important cause. I promised Sharon that I would see this through and make sure it would happen and that it would be called Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice.

In 2007, three years after Sharon’s death, the Hospice Center became a reality. We continue working with our community to ensure that patients and families are served regardless of their ability to pay – a value that we all hold dear.

My children, current wife Betty and I are grateful beyond words for the support we continue to receive from communities across the region for this important cause. Your support with gifts large and small made the dream of a few, a reality for many for years to come - a legacy of love by all involved.

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