Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice - Sheboygan, WI


See what family members have to say. In a recent Family Satisfaction Survey report, 100% of respondents indicated they would recommend the Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice to others.

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  • My Dad’s wish, when he knew he would not recover, was to remain in his own home. Your Hospice care made sure we fulfilled his wish.
  • All staff members were friendly and professional giving wonderful care! The atmosphere when we moved into the Center was homelike. The layout is great with attention given to privacy, with lots of natural light, and cleanliness.
  • Amid the torrent of emotions that washed over me after her death, one of the feelings that comforted me the most - knowing that her final days passed under absolutely the best care possible - in a place she knew as home. God Bless You All!
  • Thank you for making the most difficult things easier…for the hugs when we were in need…your kindness, and for the strawberry sundaes. We thank you for sharing your gifts, and striving for excellence in the service of others.
  • I can’t think of a better place for my father’s final chapter. Honoring his request to be wheeled outside at night to see the stars and hear the crickets won’t be forgotten.
  • We would like to thank you for the beautiful crocheted wrap and gift bag that was given to her. Our community is truly blessed to have such a committed group of caring professionals.
  • The “baths” in a real tub were probably the best for my Dad. But, when I heard him play “Jesus Loves Me” on the piano at the Hospice Center (by memory), I was truly touched.
  • It was so nice of you to celebrate my father’s birthday. He always loved a good party. You have a warm and welcoming facility and the care we all received - five stars!
  • We were so pleased with the quick response to our call on the weekend. The hospice nurse came right out to get services started for my husband.
  • Simply put - Thank You! I believe our mother’s last days were peaceful because she was taken care of properly and comfortably. We are forever grateful.
  • The care given was excellent. The kindness and compassion given to our dad and family by the whole staff was outstanding and appreciated.
  • In all my contact with Hospice care, your people have shown more care and compassion to my husband and myself than I have ever experienced.
  • My mom received the best, most professional care we could possibly have hoped for. She was happy, pain free, and very well cared for.
  • The care and compassion was amazing. I am so thankful that I found this hospice. We felt like they were an extension of our family. The quiet home-like setting made us all feel more at ease and was so welcoming to his friends. Thank you!
  • Before my dad came to the Hospice Center I had never thought of donating. Now that we've experienced the phenomenal care it's the first place I think of. I don't know what we would have done without Sharon S. Richardson.
  • This was the first time we had to care for someone who was terminally ill. We wanted to do everything we could to make her passing easy and keep her at home where she wanted to remain. Not knowing how to accomplish this was very stressful and we didn’t know where to begin. Sharon Richardson Hospice helped us every step of the way. Explaining what we needed to do and expect. They helped with her physical care as well as moral support. Sharon Richardson made it possible for our aunt to stay at her home to the end comfortably. We would like to thank you all and God bless you.
  • The amount of care provided by each team member was done with much dignity and sensitivity to his situation and those of the entire family that had contact with the team. Hospice allowed for Gerald to have some of the best days of his life even in his diminished physical state. We would highly recommend Richardson Hospice to anyone in need.
  • I never knew my grandfather to ever have much. He was a simple man whose greatest treasure was his family. His care at Sharon Richardson was nothing short of royalty, something he deserved his whole life. It was a blessing to see how well the staff provided care for him and our family. People describe hospice as end-of-life care, I thought of my grandpa's time there as interim heaven. A place holder. At the hospice, they just warm up the seat for the soul to enjoy the ride of afterlife. The whole staff consists of angels. From the nurses, front desk and all the way to the cooks. It was comforting to witness my grandfather transition from interim heaven to his true kingdom. I could never recommend care anymore than I could for the people at Sharon Richardson.
  • Every time I have spoken with any one of your staff I always feel like I'm getting a big hug. Coming to Sharon S. Richardson was like having the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders.
  • Mom could not have died in a more compassionate environment. She passed with love, respect, and dignity. We really appreciate everything you did for mom.
  • The time while my mom was in your care, held some of the most traumatic yet incredible times of our family's life. There are no words to describe the depth of our gratitude for your expertise, compassion, and guidance, whether medical or spiritual. The hospice and entire team never fell short of Kim’s promise. My mother was kept comfortable, at peace and passed with dignity. Our family will keep you in our hearts, thoughts and prayers forever. Bonnie N.