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When is it Time?

“I know the disease is serious, but I don’t want to give up hope.”

Managing your loved one's pain and symptoms and planning for what’s important to your family is not giving up.  Some people delay getting help because they simply don't understand all that hospice offers or they think it's for the very end of life.

Hospice providers will help your family cope with the physical, emotional, and spiritual impact of a life-limiting illness. They provide valuable education on what to expect in the coming months, weeks and days and they'll explain all of your options.  As an illness progresses, your hospice team will manage all medications, supplies, and services to support your family in making the most of every moment together.  

A hospice consultation is appropriate for any of the following circumstances:

  • a serious or life-threatening illness is causing distressing physical and emotional symptoms
  • a difficult decision regarding life-sustaining treatments needs to be made
  • life expectancy is less than a year (a patient may enroll when life expectancy is six months or less, but having a consultation early will help you make timely decisions)
  • a family needs assistance to coordinate end-of-life care services

Hospice programs are designed to meet your unique needs to maximize your quality of life. It’s never too soon to learn your options. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS 7 DAYS A WEEK and we'll come to you.  Just call 920-467-1800.

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